It’s possible to express solidarity with the people of Paris and to grieve the loss of the victims without excluding those victims across the rest of the non-Western world—most recently in Beirut and Baghdad, who were apparently hit by the same forces that targeted Paris, and the Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees caught in the crossfire of fascist (Assad/Daesh/Taliban/Al Qaeda) and imperialist (US/Israel/Iran/Russia) forces.

And it’s certainly possible to express solidarity without flying the nationalist tricolor in your profile picture, especially when that same flag represents the deaths of far more innocents through the historical processes of French colonialism in North Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean and the ongoing processes of French and Western imperialism through military intervention, covert and otherwise, across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Don’t descend into reactionary, exclusionary, oppressive, or imperialist politics. Pray for those lost and those who will inevitably face backlash.